Sep 20, 2014

Just a quick page from my latest sketchbook I cleaned up a bit for fun on this lazee Saturday. 

My first idea for potential background designs for “High Rollers”. Had fun playing around with different lighting scenarios. As always I have a lot to work on but I am really happy with how this came out. 

You can see more for “High Rollers”here:

Sep 10, 2014


Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

Jul 31, 2014

Jazzed about seeing this movie tonight! 

Quick sketch of the insane raccoon with rockets in-between actual work. 

Jul 22, 2014


Announcing the second batch of WINNERS from our Tumblr Fan Art Competition!!! (post 2 of 2)

We got a group of professional artists from the studio to weigh-in and pick their top faves (  Congratulations to the following winning participants:

pksketch (Korra)

oskibearz (SpongeBob Jellyfishing)

randomlyawake (Mikey)

saeun (Korra & Ikki)

samgrinbergcartoons (Nicktoons)

stuartday (Tiger Claw)

thenazzaro (SpongeBob Diver)

These pieces are going to be up on the screens of our Nickelodeon booth at San Diego Comic-Con for all to see! Pics of that coming soon.

Thank you to all the participants for sharing their magnificent creations with us! We loved seeing all the creative designs, styles and concepts!

I made the cut! Thanks again to Nickelodeon to providing us with such a fun opportunity to be creative and congrats to all the other amazing artists!

If you are lucky enough to be going to San Diego Comic-Con make sure you stop by their booth and snap a pic for me!