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"It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth."

Jazzed about seeing this movie tonight! 

Quick sketch of the insane raccoon with rockets in-between actual work. 


Announcing the second batch of WINNERS from our Tumblr Fan Art Competition!!! (post 2 of 2)

We got a group of professional artists from the studio to weigh-in and pick their top faves (  Congratulations to the following winning participants:

pksketch (Korra)

oskibearz (SpongeBob Jellyfishing)

randomlyawake (Mikey)

saeun (Korra & Ikki)

samgrinbergcartoons (Nicktoons)

stuartday (Tiger Claw)

thenazzaro (SpongeBob Diver)

These pieces are going to be up on the screens of our Nickelodeon booth at San Diego Comic-Con for all to see! Pics of that coming soon.

Thank you to all the participants for sharing their magnificent creations with us! We loved seeing all the creative designs, styles and concepts!

I made the cut! Thanks again to Nickelodeon to providing us with such a fun opportunity to be creative and congrats to all the other amazing artists!

If you are lucky enough to be going to San Diego Comic-Con make sure you stop by their booth and snap a pic for me!

I haven’t read a comic from the big 2 in a long time, but if there is anything that is going to get me started back again it is this new design. 

Tiger Claw lives.

All I want to do in life is draw the comic of Tiger Claw’s journey through the different dimensions. It would be like Samurai Jack meets Boba Fett. And that is the raddest thing ever. 

I miss sniping people with status effects from across the screen.

Quick sketch from this morning while my brain turned on. 


This series really gets me. Like deep deep down in the very core of my soul. I will one day have to find a partner that is willing to watch this with me while I really lose my cool during it. 

Been working on this one off and on now for a few months in my free time. Hope you like it!

I am already all in for Book 3 of Korra! 

(potential spoilers below) 

I absolutely loved the first episodes so tonight as I re-watched them I decided to do some sketches. (apologies I was also consuming beverages so they get a bit sloppy) BUT MAN! What a rad opening set up. 

I love Kai! and according to my roommate that is the “me” character of this series. I also truly truly love the relationship that Korra and Asami have. It is so refreshing to have strong female relationships, very Parks and Rec/Broad City of them. Zaheer and his cronies are tops. I have always loved villains and these kids have already stolen the show at this point. I am really curious to what their back story is and their potential connection with original team Avatar (hopefully!). And Zaheer wasn’t a bender before how rad must he have been to warrant himself sealed away and in a prison specifically designed for air benders?? That is bananas!! Finally Old Zuko! Man I was hoping we’d get to see him, plus he’s got a DRAGON!! Woof! I do have to admit I  am worried he will be killed…we will have to see how that plays out. Anyways I will stop rambling now, hope everyone else enjoyed the new series!!

Hope you dig the sketches!